Slobber Mutant - 6th Scale maquette - Super Sculpey

This was one of the first pieces I made for Anomie.

A slobbering, disgusting and stinky mutant that lurks in the wastelands and toxic swamps of the now decimated world.

There are thousands of mutants that roam the lands of Anomie, some more human than others. I wanted this one to have jeans on to make sure people knew it was once a human, although now I'm looking at it thinking the jeans are way too clean! haha. 

Sculpted in Super Sculpey and painted with a mixture of liquid watercolour (pre-baking) and acrylics (after baking). The snot and phlegm around it's mouth are made using cotton thread and gloss varnish. I'm not great at baking Sculpey, so you might notice a few cracks, but hey, it's a mutant!

I spent a lot of time airbrushing very subtle layers of colour to give a bruised and diseased feel to the skin.

Thanks for looking. This is my 3rd and final entry. 

Tomas McAdam


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