Kaiju Suit Project - Zinogre (NEAR COMPLETION!)



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    Wow, it's really coming along!  Thanks for sharing the updates.

    If you want the tail to slide over the floor you could put a low friction plastic (like delrin) underneath.  I've also seen some folks use caster wheels, or ball casters.

    Another option is to use a thin monofilament line from the end of the tail to the back of the character to suspend the tail.  It will be somewhat visible, but not from a distance and is easily removed in photographs.

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    And after several more months of quiet, another major update...with video:
    17kg (37lb) of fleece, vinyl, open-cell urethane foam, closed-cell polyethylene foam, lycra, hard rubber nonskid tiles, expanded polystyrene beads, and fake fur.


    The teeth and tongue need to be installed, the neck needs adjustment, and the end of the tail spikes/ventral plating need polyethylene glide tape (I found some!), but it's basically a week from completion.

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  • And that's a wrap.  I'll have some pictures of him in action next week, and we'll probably see more tweaks over the next few months, but I'm done here.

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