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Space Cowboy


Space Cowboy
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  • Stan's concept art bible.

    Everytime i look at the picture below i wonder where in the world is this book now.

    What happened to this book, and why the concept art material were never all released?
    Once in a lifetime i see one new art piece from the Jurassic Park franchise and i really wanted to know why you guys don't show these to the public since there are a really big amount of art made for this franchise.

  • Beware with the art thieves!


     I thought that this could interest people here since it's an art-based community.
     Many people have been reporting about pages stealing artwork and selling it on t-shirts or phone cases, the creators of the content try to contact the pages, but they are ignored and their comments deleted, the people that follow the pages are not aware of the situation and keep supporting these pages by buying the stolen products and giving them more artwork, i'd recomend to everyone that plans to post artwork on any social media to sign your work, watermark it and post i low resolution.

     Buy from the original creator, not 3rd parties, check your sources.

     Share about this situation with your friends, and on the social medias, spread the information, and more important denounce these pages!

     Of course i'll leave the link for the pages here:
  • Re: The Lost World Pteranodon

    Well, the body and wings are pretty much the same thing, one or other minor detail is diferent, is nice to finally notice this, hehehe. 
    I have a ton of production pictures from JP3, so now i don't need to search  for pics from The Lost World.

  • Re: The Lost World Pteranodon

    I still have a lot of work to do.