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Kai Rottmann ✭✭✭


Kai Rottmann
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  • Bolonntra- female creature skull

    Hello dear community :-)

    I wanted to share my earliest project with you. 

    A few weeks ago, i thougt about a design for a new creature and which skin and eyes it should have and so on. 

    My final idea: "create that, what is unter the visible skin of a creature- the skull". 

    This project will have two designs of skulls as collectibles. 

    Here is number one: 

    WED Clay blocking out...

    ...with a few details...

    ... and with more details, ready for molding in Moldmax 30 silicone. 

    And thats the finished skull.

    Bonelike paints as base with a tint of yellow, certain washes in yellowish, brown, ocker, green-black, green-brown and yellow-green-white for the moss covered look, off- white bonish for the highlights and brown black for the shadows via airbrush.

    The plan was, to let it look like that it has been laying in a forest (or something like that) for a few months. 

    I hope you like it.
    I am very proud this time. I would like to create the teeth in dental- acrylic for more realism, but i have no idea, what and where to buy,...

    Off topic:
    Germany is complicated. If you want to buy dental acrylic, you get a big list about 200 products:
    1. thermoplastic rft 34...
    2. thermoplastic gze 467...
    3. thermoplastic sdt 97...
    4. .... and so on and so on

    I have no idea, what these numbers and labels are and which two (2) parts i will need for a few dentallike teeth  :D :D

    Greets from complicated- land

  • Re: a couple of different sculptures

    That looks better and better, Jason ;-)

    Keep on practice sculpting. Everytime to the "no fine details- stage" and then the next project. Thats the right way, how you are doing that.  Only the primary and secondary forms- getting the right shape is essential :-) 
    Great ;-)
  • Re: Base For Painting Platinum Silicone

    Hey Rehbecca,

    i have tested 1 part silicone from the hardwarestore, thinned with 4-5 parts of "waschbenzin" which should be almost the same like white spirit or naptha.(mixed with a fork, very very good and by adding small amounts of white spirit from time to time) Thats my base for painting everything which cannot be painted with acrylics xD. For pigmenting small amounts of my base, i use simple oilpaints which you can buy everywhere. I did a lot of "stresstests" on platinumsilicone like Smooth on ecoflex 00-10/00-50. I had no chance to rub it off. Take your try with that. I think you´ll be surprised how good that works ;-) It also works on latex. 



    Edit: You have to let it dry for 24 hours to be sure, that all solvents are vaporated and the oilpigments are locked in the surface. You shouldnt use an airbrush- jet which is smaller than 0,25 maybe to 0,2 mm. I have an Haarder- Steenbeck Airbrush with a 0,15mm jet,.. Thats horrible to paint with because you have to clean it every few minutes, hihi. 
  • Re: Just want 2 learn how 2 animate

    Welcome Freddy :-)

    Nice work :-) Especially the Mummy, really cool ;-)

    I can imagine, that its difficult to make those things. Ive never try that and i wont try that in future, because it wouldnt be mine without sculpting and i would drive crazy xD
    (Ive done a 2,4 m Alienworm out of foam for a Scifi film. Turned out very nice, but i hadnt much fun while working on it. Maybe because it was a no budget,- and no time project :-( )

    My respect to those people, who can do crazy stuff out of foam. 

    There should be a lot of lessons here at SWSCA, which could interest you.

    Cant wait to see your next steps and progress ;-)


  • Alien Warrior Dav´ughk

    Hello there :-)

    I want to share a currently project with you.

    At the beginnings, the sculpture should only be a head-bust for my own. I was asked if i could make a wearable mask for a scifi film out of it and i said, that this would not be a problem.

    Haha! Sure,.. "Nooooo Problem...."- No livecast under the sculpt,... a wiggly armature,... and no idea, how to measure out the proportions of the chest, so that the finished mask will fit on someones shoulders,... and not to forget: the deadline xD

    Dafuq- was my favorite swearword for the next 2 months and so he got his name with an interstellar accent: Dav´ughk.

    Here is the head- bust (which should only be exactly that :-) ) :

    And here with the chest area after the question about making a mask out of it:

    At this point, i cutted a "display dummy" in half and pressed its shoulders into the sculpt to adjust the shoulders of the sculpt.
    Damn, that was a really shitty work. I was afraid, that the armature will break, because the weight of the sculpture was growing and growing and growing,..
    And i had to do the Mold- more weight,.. *fu** :o

    At one point, i went away from the sculpt to get a mentaly distance to it... I had to decide: "Doing a stonemold for casting latex in it with the danger to destroy that build, or doing a fiberglass mold without an idea how to guarantee, that the heavy, sloppy silicone mask will not fell into itself while wearing it"

    After a few days, with enough mentaly distance, i did a stonemold,.. :D  A thinner one as compromise to the heavy weight on the armature.
    And that worked! Man i was really happy,.. no destroyed sculpt, no broken armature,.. a stonemold which guarantees to cast a slightly stiff latex mask: "Yeah" B)

    After patching the seems, i painted the mask with silicone paints:

    Thats the finished mask. Slip casted latex with a thin layer of slush casted Smoothcast 65d  on the inside for more stiffness and support for attaching mechanisms.
    I have implemented an open- close mechanism for the mouth and i have to stick foamsheets into it for a better fit in the next few days.

    Thanks to the great SWSCA community with its lots of impressions for troubleshooting and very helpful classes :-)