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Kai Rottmann
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  • Re: Silicon Mask Painting Advice

    Hey Nathan/ Ashy,
    that Mask looks very nice, well done ;-)

    There is a product called psycho paint by Smooth On. It isnt the cheapest, but the less- toxiest i think.

    I havent paint with that yet, but i will try it in the next month. In the past i have painted with that Naphta- silicone- oilpaint mixture with a respirator with the brown/organic cartridge.
    The low pressure which i used to paint my masks, doesnt create such "Naptha clouds" and there was no problem.

    If it was the plan, to let the mask look organic: try to cast your finished mask in a pale skin tone as a base for your paint.
    I have no idea, how to paint a very dark casted mask so that it looks kind of oarganic  o:) reds, blues, greens, yellows, browns, veinwork: You will not see anything of it.
    As the great artists pray in their lessons: Pale base- you can always go darker, but its very hard to go lighter with a dark base.

    I hope it helps and i wish you a great time with your mask :-)



  • Re: Medusa skullcap material?

    Hey Ashley :-)
    I searched for some pictures of your subscribed medusa.
    If i would do that project, i would sculpt the whole mask over your wifes livecast, separate the snakes and doing molds of them.

    Also a core mold from the mask and cast that stuff in foamlatex because its lightweight, stretchy and stiff (when the material is thick enough) together.

    The foamlatex snakes could be supported with thin aluminiumwire to bring them in form.
    The last step would be to glue all parts together, seeming the lines and paint them.

    Hopefully it helps with your decision :-) 

    Here you have an extraordinary- professional picture of my thoughts xD:

    Best wishes,


    Edit: For time saving, you could sculpt only one snake with a base of that diameter, that you want. Instead of sculpting every snake on the head, you only block out the bases in the same diameter, your sculpted snake has. So you could make a few casts of that snake and glue them on the bases of the head. 

  • Bolonntra- female creature skull

    Hello dear community :-)

    I wanted to share my earliest project with you. 

    A few weeks ago, i thougt about a design for a new creature and which skin and eyes it should have and so on. 

    My final idea: "create that, what is unter the visible skin of a creature- the skull". 

    This project will have two designs of skulls as collectibles. 

    Here is number one: 

    WED Clay blocking out...

    ...with a few details...

    ... and with more details, ready for molding in Moldmax 30 silicone. 

    And thats the finished skull.

    Bonelike paints as base with a tint of yellow, certain washes in yellowish, brown, ocker, green-black, green-brown and yellow-green-white for the moss covered look, off- white bonish for the highlights and brown black for the shadows via airbrush.

    The plan was, to let it look like that it has been laying in a forest (or something like that) for a few months. 

    I hope you like it.
    I am very proud this time. I would like to create the teeth in dental- acrylic for more realism, but i have no idea, what and where to buy,...

    Off topic:
    Germany is complicated. If you want to buy dental acrylic, you get a big list about 200 products:
    1. thermoplastic rft 34...
    2. thermoplastic gze 467...
    3. thermoplastic sdt 97...
    4. .... and so on and so on

    I have no idea, what these numbers and labels are and which two (2) parts i will need for a few dentallike teeth  :D :D

    Greets from complicated- land

  • Re: a couple of different sculptures

    That looks better and better, Jason ;-)

    Keep on practice sculpting. Everytime to the "no fine details- stage" and then the next project. Thats the right way, how you are doing that.  Only the primary and secondary forms- getting the right shape is essential :-) 
    Great ;-)
  • Re: Base For Painting Platinum Silicone

    Hey Rehbecca,

    i have tested 1 part silicone from the hardwarestore, thinned with 4-5 parts of "waschbenzin" which should be almost the same like white spirit or naptha.(mixed with a fork, very very good and by adding small amounts of white spirit from time to time) Thats my base for painting everything which cannot be painted with acrylics xD. For pigmenting small amounts of my base, i use simple oilpaints which you can buy everywhere. I did a lot of "stresstests" on platinumsilicone like Smooth on ecoflex 00-10/00-50. I had no chance to rub it off. Take your try with that. I think you´ll be surprised how good that works ;-) It also works on latex. 



    Edit: You have to let it dry for 24 hours to be sure, that all solvents are vaporated and the oilpigments are locked in the surface. You shouldnt use an airbrush- jet which is smaller than 0,25 maybe to 0,2 mm. I have an Haarder- Steenbeck Airbrush with a 0,15mm jet,.. Thats horrible to paint with because you have to clean it every few minutes, hihi.