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Kai Rottmann ✭✭


Kai Rottmann
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  • Alien Warrior Dav´ughk

    Hello there :-)

    I want to share a currently project with you.

    At the beginnings, the sculpture should only be a head-bust for my own. I was asked if i could make a wearable mask for a scifi film out of it and i said, that this would not be a problem.

    Haha! Sure,.. "Nooooo Problem...."- No livecast under the sculpt,... a wiggly armature,... and no idea, how to measure out the proportions of the chest, so that the finished mask will fit on someones shoulders,... and not to forget: the deadline xD

    Dafuq- was my favorite swearword for the next 2 months and so he got his name with an interstellar accent: Dav´ughk.

    Here is the head- bust (which should only be exactly that :-) ) :

    And here with the chest area after the question about making a mask out of it:

    At this point, i cutted a "display dummy" in half and pressed its shoulders into the sculpt to adjust the shoulders of the sculpt.
    Damn, that was a really shitty work. I was afraid, that the armature will break, because the weight of the sculpture was growing and growing and growing,..
    And i had to do the Mold- more weight,.. *fu** :o

    At one point, i went away from the sculpt to get a mentaly distance to it... I had to decide: "Doing a stonemold for casting latex in it with the danger to destroy that build, or doing a fiberglass mold without an idea how to guarantee, that the heavy, sloppy silicone mask will not fell into itself while wearing it"

    After a few days, with enough mentaly distance, i did a stonemold,.. :D  A thinner one as compromise to the heavy weight on the armature.
    And that worked! Man i was really happy,.. no destroyed sculpt, no broken armature,.. a stonemold which guarantees to cast a slightly stiff latex mask: "Yeah" B)

    After patching the seems, i painted the mask with silicone paints:

    Thats the finished mask. Slip casted latex with a thin layer of slush casted Smoothcast 65d  on the inside for more stiffness and support for attaching mechanisms.
    I have implemented an open- close mechanism for the mouth and i have to stick foamsheets into it for a better fit in the next few days.

    Thanks to the great SWSCA community with its lots of impressions for troubleshooting and very helpful classes :-)


  • Re: Tutorial Selection and Progressions for sculpting

    Welcome Andrea,
    for sculpting human heads, i highly recommend the Jordu Schell class

    His class gives a very, very important basic fundament of human head anatomy and proportions.

    For humanoid maquettes Jordu Schells

    and Adam Beanes

    and for Portrait sculpting Davis Fandinos

    There are many other great classes with very great artists, but i think that these are for the more advanced sculptors.

    The Jordu Schell human head anatomy sculpture class kicked me really forward and i recommend this class to everyone who wants to learn sculpting.

    In my opinion, it should be the first target to learn how to sculpt a human face instead of start sculpting unreal creatures and such things :-) (Like i did, before discover Jordus class, hihi  ;) )


  • Re: Tim Gore Prop Head - Help please

    Hey Hayley :-)
    Thats a nice sculpture ;-)

    Are you going to cast resin in your mold? I think it should be the best way to make a one- part Silicone mold, when the sculpture isnt really big.

    Build up a wooden mold box, which is 4-5 cm away from your sculpture. (in height, too) 

    Hotglue the sculpture on the table, seal it with a mist of crystal clear (let it dry) and brush on a detail layer of silicone all over your sculpt. (Make sure to get all the details and wrinkles without airbubbles)

    Then screw- and hotglue (your silicone shouldnt flow out of any gaps) the moldbox in place and fill the box with your -preferably- bubble-free silicone and let it set. 

    Once its set, open the moldbox and slice a 90 °-wiggly- cut from the neck to the top of the head through the silicone and pull your sculpture out.
    Clean out the silicone mold and lay it into your moldbox (the moldbox supports the silicone to be stable) and make sure, that your sliced cut is closing completely and in the correct way. (You shoulnt see a gap between the sliced- edges).

    Its ready for slush- cast a resin head now ;-)

    That is the easyiest way to make a mold and i have done my first molds that way, too. (Okay, the supportshell (in your case its your moldbox) was a two- part fiberglass shell, because the sculpture was big)

    There are a few ways to save silicone (i know that silicone is expensive :-(  ) but to build such molds is more complex and time consuming. (And perhaps you need another expensive materials xD)


  • Re: Zeus

    Wow, that´s great ;-)
  • Re: Zeus

    Very nice Jay  ;)

    How much time did it take to create Zeus?

    (my uinique english for beginners,.... xD)