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David Boccabella
Brisbane, Australia
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Brisbane, Australia
David Boccabella


  • Re: One Person Control System for Animatronics - Tongue Control

    Hi Folks.
    I know it's been a while but I have been dragged to other projects for too long a while.
    I am always keeping my eyes open re new tech and capabilities.

    Found this which offers a lot of possibilities re size, bluetooth, power requirements, and inputs. Plus it can be programmed 'over the air'
    Nice thing is it's tiny but not too tiny to solder wires on to.

    Enjoy :)

  • Re: Terminator 1984 1:3 Wip!

    Beautiful work on the proportions and musculature :)

  • Updated Animatronic Wolf Head.

    Hi Folks.
    I've been a little quiet of late and there is a good reason. I have been rebuilding my wolf costume and putting animatronics into him. As some of my friends who are on here were also going to the convention I was debuting him at I have not put any pictures up at all.
    However his showing was a great success and I can now show you.

    Here is the side of his head with the coverings pulled back. This was done as part of a show and tell at the end of the convention.

    He has 11 Servo's in him.. 
    2 for the ears to make them perk up of droop.
    1 to lift the back of a mouth as in a smile
    2 to raise and lower the eyebrows
    2 x lip lift/snarl servo's
    1 x upper front lift  to simulate talking
    1 x nose twitch to simulate sniffing/breathing
    1 x tongue lift/twitch to simulate talking
    1 x bottom lip twitch to simulate talking.

    He also has LED's behind the eyes to simulate blinking

    Here is a close up of the muzzle area

    Yes - I used the dread hot glue to help mount things...

    He is controlled by an Adafruit PWM 16 channel servo controller and an Arduino Nano. The Nano will be replaced by a Teensy 3.2 as it is more powerful and faster.

    The code driving him is custom and based on a multitasking loop driven by events and milliseconds. I will share this very soon.

    At the moment his actions are driven by a push button hand control. However  he will soon be controlled entirely by the wearer.

    His eyes will respond to the wearer's blinks/winks by using the reflectivity from the wearer's eyes.  This will be done by an IR led and detector.

    The speech simulation will use a microphone in the mouth to gauge the intensity of the sound and so lift/lower the lips and tongue in approximation of talking.

    The eyebrows, smile, and lip lifts for snarling will likewise be driven by the wearer.

    There are lots more pictures on my website.. too many to put here.
    But they cover from the bare shell of the skull to completion.

    Enjoy and comments/questions greatly appreciated.

    Likewise I am forever in debt to the talented and inspirational people on this forum and in the teaching videos. I could not have done this without you all.

  • Re: Completed Alien xenomorph costume wanted

    Ok - On Ebay I have seen some Xenomorph heads however no body's. Plus Quality is low.

    This link  has a few builders of them and there might be someone in LA..

    There are a few fan sites for the Predator's and some of the costumes are very movie quality.  One can lower the hits with "alien xenomorph cosplay" or variants. The Xenomorph helps filter out a lot of unwanted hits.

    Wishing you and your partner all the best on the day..
  • Re: Homework - Cyril Wichers

    Brilliantly done. We are starting to drift in to the 'Uncanny Valley' here :)