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  • Re: Medusa skullcap material?

    As I mentioned in the other thread, I would go with fiberglass for the skull cap.  If you are not comfortable with mixing up resin and laying fiberglass, you could try using water-activated fiberglass bandages (used like plaster bandages for making casts), which might do the trick.

  • Re: Hi, Neill, please help me with a problem,thank you.

    Hi Steven,

    The NSP clay should not inhibit the curing of platinum silicones.  

    What brand of clay are you using?  

    Did you spray anything into the mold, and if so, what?

    Were you wearing latex gloves at any point?  (latex can inhibit platinum silicone)

    Is it possible the silicone was not mixed thoroughly? 

    Any other contaminants come in contact with the clay?

    Have you used this brand of Chinese PlatSil before with good luck?  Does this batch cure properly if mixed and poured into a clean cup?

  • Re: Turning my wife into Medusa

    Hi Ashley,

    For the skull cap, I would make it out of fiberglass or thick vacuum formed plastic. 

    For the snakes, I would use a self skinning foam and cast them over armature wire.  Rigid plastic snakes might snap off on you.  Also, the lighter you can make the snakes, the more comfortable it will be to wear, and the more likely it is to stay put. 

    I had a friend do a medusa costume that had a small MP3 player and speaker built into the head dress that was playing hissing sounds.  It added a lot of style points, which always helps in costume contests.

    And for some good inspiration, check out the Medusa by Steve Wang.

    Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  • Re: Trick to an easy core mould.

    Great core solution Blake!

    Is this hand part of a larger project?

  • Re: resin masks I've made in the past year (Wendigo, Imp, more Skulls, and many pictures)

    Awesome work Deven!  

    They all look great.  I really like the blue imp!