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  • Funny... It's the exact same tool. Just renamed and repackaged.
  • It will hold up well in both containers. However I use it so fast and in such quantities at work it doesn't have to dry. But yes, adding a little thinner here and there works well. ALSO!... a very handy tip when using glass jars... put a little vase…
    in barge Comment by Ted Haines March 2016
  • Sorry I missed this early question. The foam I like to carve/sculpt would be a medium to firm density. The blade slips through better. I've found the lighter the density the more the blade hangs up on the foam.
    in Foam Comment by Ted Haines March 2016
  • OK... 1: Looking back at most all of the ribs I've done, they seem to be floating. It's not always the case. It's a project to project decision as to what works best. 2: If you're sewing all the way around, there is no need to cover the back side. …
  • I'll say one thing that you hit on that is so important. As far as suit performing, get in shape! way too many people think wearing a suit is easy business. It's not. It takes a lot of physical strength as well as mental to perform. I truly appreci…
  • Thats "mapping" not making, I meant.
  • I'm liking the making out of the muscles. Good job.
  • This is something that we will be covering on day three. But I'll make sure to address it this coming saturday. If latex is not an option, I would consider skinning the project with only spandex. It will move easier and will cut out the latex situat…
  • I'll have to look at mine to see what tip I use. I'll get back to you.
  • Hi Doug, I was using a Gel-Coat spray gun. It's used in fiber glassing. I got mine in Van Nuys, CA at Rev Chem. But you can find them easily on line at many different fiberglass supply stores. I found them ranging in price from $140.00 — $240.00, fo…
  • There's no extension. Not beyond what was originally extended. Like I said, I will simply be "grading" by what I see. So if you haven't posted anything just because it's not done... POST IT!!!! I've done this long enough that I can tell if someone h…
  • Hello all! I just wanted to touch base and let you know, that the work I'm seeing come in is absolutely fantastic. It's inspiring to me, to see the your hard work and creations come to life. I see that some projects are not completed. That's fine, a…
  • Peter and all, This is a photo, with source and size info, that I received from Richard Landon. If you don't know him from his SWS tutorials, he has been a Stan Winston Studio/Lecacy Effects mechanic since and before the original Predator film. He k…
  • Peter, I'm going to reach out to a Legacy mechanic and get back to you with specifics.
  • That's what it's all about Peter. The failures only show us how to do it the right way. And I've been shown the right way many times over many years doing this
  • Peter and James... Experimentation and persistence!!!! Hurray!!!!!!!
  • RESEARCH, RESEARCH, REASEARCH!!!! You will find what you need. If you can't find what you need on the inter webs. Then call the stores directly. Or go to the stores and tell them what you're doing. Talking to people is the best way to get what you n…
  • Gretchen, love me the MST3K!!!!
  • Peter... And always shake the hell out of every chemical. Even just slip latex rubber. Moisture will settle in latex and needs to be mixed in. And almost ALL chemicals, especially foam latex chemicals, settle in their bottles. Shake 'em like a Polar…
  • I'm sorry, I just read Toms' comment and he's right on it. 
  • Peter, I am not sure how well the acrylics will stick to the ribber cement. The reason for using one method or an other, is to of course have continuity of chemicals. Using all PAX or all RCP is to ensure that each layer adheres to the next. Do an e…
  • James, I know you are getting all your materials abroad. But I have never had latex shrink so much that it cracks. That to me suggests that it has a lot of fillers in it and drys' more rigid than stretchy. Latex should not crack that quickly. And ye…
  • I've seen some absolutly incredible stilts like that. Check out some of the behind the scenes for "The Wolf Man", "Underworld" and I know they made some fantastic ones for The Matthew Broderick "Godzilla" film.
  • Let me know how it turns out Tom. I woudn't think that the added chemical would affect paint.
  • Very cool stuff no matter what. Just hate to see anyone get hurt making monsters
  • Peter, you can also, lightly, brush foam latex into molds. Use a 1/2" chip brush, 1" for larger molds. Don't scrub it in, just lightly brush it in. That may help.
  • Tom, I've never heard of ussing "camp fuel". But if it works...
  • Ciara, the sheep skins are great. I think they'll work really well with your character.
  • Justin, I love those leg extensions. Fantastic. You might want to double up your bungee... just as a back up. You'd hate to have one snap and loose your support while wearing it.
  • As for your eye question Peter. I think I would do it at the same time as the head. You could just do a seperate batch, just to do the lid, but I would attach it before wet foaming.