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Joshua Greenlee
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  • First if you use airbrush to paint with silicone yes use a respirator. The only time I paint anything without one is when airbrushing makeups on models/ actors. Safety first but in the end its up to you. I actually even wear eye protection when I pa…
  • For silicone painting your silicone paint has to have silicone, pigment/ paint, and a thinner for airbrush application. Psycho paint is Smooth On's  primary paint system for silicone painting. If your mask is cast in platinum silicone you can paint …
  • You can also use telesis or another silicone adhesive between the cap plastic and silicone. I have used snappy g and SilKey both with great results.
  • I would do a test. Partially fill you mold around a joint  with Dragon skin straight and then do one with deadner. See which gives you the movement you want (you might have to play with ratios of deadner you use to get it just right). My theory is t…
  • Here in the US you don't have to go to school to work at a big shop like Stan's as I understand it. There are some schools here but the "degree" you get doesn't necessarily get you into a job at a shop. There are a couple of schools here that big sh…
  • Jordu is phenomenal being simply put. His sculpture teaching skills are off the charts. I love this video. He keeps it interesting not only with his abundant amount of info but keeps you laughing too. The ONE thing I didn't think I would like about…
  • I thought this particular tutorial was very helpful. Using Skin Illustrator Pallets for paint instead of minute stains was awesome. That is one thing less that I have to buy. Watching how she sculpted teeth and gave them a very realistic form was a…
  • Wow this tutorial was very enlightening. Learning how the great Howard Berger applies paint was absolutely phenomenal to learn. I liked the breakdown Howard gave on how to apply each transfer. I have to say that due to this specific video is why ou…
  • Don thank you so much for all your knowledge. I wanted to tell you have. at the very least, a very informative teaching method, all the while not boring the reviewer to sleep. You are a very easy to follow and understand teacher and the depths of th…