Anybody here have experience with the Stan Winston School of Character Arts?

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Title pretty much explains it. They have a few courses that I'm interested in and wondering if anybody has any feedback regarding the quality of the   courses. Would also be interested in any other recommendations for online instruction in clay sculpture (specifically Chavant or Super Sculpey, but anything would help).

I've already watched and learned from Sculpture Geek's Creating a Stylized Character. Loved it!

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  • Kai RottmannKai Rottmann Oberhausen NRW Germany ✭✭✭
    Hey Bansi :)

    Maybe the following scentenses sounds like i would make any advertising, but i swear its only because iam very convinced from the SWSCA. 
    Every day, every hour, every minute iam online here and watch classes or surf on board- i have never regret anything. Since three years now, nothing has changed for me.
    Here we have access to the full character creation palette from a-z with classes from the very best in their specificazions in the film making industry.
    And this you can see in every minute, you are watching a class. They are full hd with sections you can skip to, pause, rewind etc. for the full course over hours. 
    The informations, every artist gives to his best, are very detailed and every situation will be answered in the classes. 
    For me, enrolling here was one of the best decisions i did since years now.
    I recommend, to use your 3 day free trial to convince yourself and maybe you will become as addicted as iam    :D

    This is my own opinion, maybe others have others.
    I think there cant be everthing better, to learn how to create characters than here.

    I hope it helps. Never stop creating and have fun with your projects ;-)



  • Definitely worth it. I've tried YouTube and books but the courses here are the only thing I've found that are comprehensive enough to feel confident trying this stuff.
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